Taking A Step Towards Fitness (Step Challenge)

Like me, many of you have likely put on weight over the past couple of years. The pandemic has kept us out of the gym and at home on our couches more than ever.

To combat that, in my own way, I have decided to create a Step Challenge.

I personally use Google Fit and Samsung Health to track steps, do challenges, and so on. But in order to make it easier for both Android and iPhone users to join in, I decided on the following app:

Pacer Pedometer App

Scan the QR code (or click the code image) to join the Rockers & Metalheads Pacer App Group I created for us. Or download the app from the links above and search for the group yourself. It's super easy to join.

The app will show all of us who joined and a chart of the top steppers. NO PRESSURE, it's all about having fun and challenging each other to get our step counts up and by extension, be in better shape.

If enough of us join in, I will start giving away monthly PRIZES to the winners, so get in there fellow fatty, every little bit helps!